The Go Green (Bidi Zelen) Campaign aimed to increase public awareness about environmental sustainability and to educate young people about the importance of creating an energy efficient, low-carbon economy. The message of this project reached more than 800.000 people.

Target Group: This project was focused on young people from fourteen to twenty two (14-22) years of age. We believe that these young people represent the future driving force of the households, as well as the upcoming generation of leaders and policy makers in the country. However, throughout the realization of the project people from different ages were influenced by the campaign.

Brief project description: The project had two major parts culminating with an event on 12th June 2010. The first part was the educational campaign composed of an environmental magazine “Ecology and Sustainable Development” and in-class presentations in 15 high schools in Skopje carried out by the Go Green members.

The second part of this project was a media campaign composed of a song and a music video. The key people in the media campaign were the most famous rappers in Macedonia, Toni Zen and Slatkaristika, accompanied by the young TV showmen Marko Noveski. The song represents the most impactful campaign song in all times and the video has more than 800.000 views on YouTube. You can see the video here: The culmination of the project was the educational-musical concert in the City Park Skopje with 2 DJs, 2 rock bands and Toni Zen and Slatkaristika show. The event was visited from more then 12.000 young people. You can see moments from the event here: The educational part was the big screen (video beam) on the stage where environmental messages and educational videos were played.

Despite the indirect impact (increasing awareness) the project is expected to contribute directly to the following areas:

  • Increase the number of public debates on sustainability issues, open forums and public panels.
  • Increase in the number of young people becoming members of environmental NGOs.
  • Decrease of the price in household energy bills.
  • Increase in self-initiated projects by third parties.

Download the Bidi Zelen Final Report.

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