Go Green is one of the NGOs that are part of a national advocacy network for managing electronic waste. The project aims to improve the legal and institutional framework that will contribute to proper management of e-waste in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. The project starts in September 2010 and will last for 24 months.

The action is aimed at solving these specific problems:

  • Low capacity of NGOs to manage e-waste.
  • Citizens and decision makers have a low awareness of the consequences of improper disposal of e-waste.
  • Lack of statistics on e-waste.
  • Lack of network structures at national and regional levels aimed at tackling problems in the area of e-waste.

Within the campaign the following activities will be conducted:

  • Conducting research aimed at analyzing the current situation in each country.
  • Resource Development Project website BEWMAN for reusing or recycling of computer equipment.
  • Campaign through social media.
  • Training of trainers: the transmission of practical knowledge from the project partner from the UK to the members of the regional network.
  • Training for members of civil society organizations on national networks for advocacy.
  • Organizing public events to raise awareness of e-waste.
  • Workshops for the exchange of knowledge.
  • Assembling guide management with e-waste.
  • Regional conference on collecting and presenting the results of the EU and the countries of the region.

Go Green has the role of raising awareness and educating the population about the proper management of electronic waste (old computers and discarded electronic devices).

Here you can download the activities realized as part of the project.