Green building or environmental friendly building is a construction of buildings through a process responsible for Nature. This process covers environmental sources, starting from the design, implementation, construction, materials, maintenance, renovation, until the deconstruction of the building. This concept complements the classical type of construction particularly in terms of cost, functionality, durability and comfort. The development of today’s new technologies improves existing methods of construction and creates architecture with positive effect on the human health and friendly environment.


In New York, architects think how to create conditions for development of agriculture in urban environments through the idea of green roofs and vertical farms. In Hawaii, each family that would build a house starting from 2010 will have to set up a system for heating water through solar panels. The idea of environmentally friendly building goes to a point of creating camp cars and trailers with zero energy efficiency that would be completely created from natural resources.

The goal of sustainable architecture is to reduce the strong impact that is done by destroying natural large areas used for construction, energy and hydro consumption, and air alternation. This movement goes to the fact that the uncontrolled use of natural resources will become a serious threat to our life in the future. The initiative calls for an integrated and synergistic design.

Respecting the basic principles would give us the ways to design a building, energy and material efficiency, saving natural resources, social and quality improvement, sustainable optimum and toxic reduction.

Architecture and nature


One of the main aspects of sustainable architecture is its compatibility with the aesthetic nature, its adaptation with natural forms and environment. This means that nature is the primary factor that should influence the architectural process, it is designed with analog forms of functional harmony with the natural resources.

It is clear that the creation of architectural environment is inevitable. Architects can no longer afford to ignore the affects of their work on the environment and people. Objects are mediators between man and nature, the architect is obliged to responsible, environmental architecture.

"Embrace the nature, love the nature, respect the nature.Then, she will never betray you. " - Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect, interior designer, writer and teacher