Solar energy is becoming very important. There are solar panels that use cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Macedonia has a very favorable geographical position which would allow for the use solar energy as a main source of heat. Measurements have shown that the climate would allow for solar energy to be produced year round!


Hydro energy is a major source of energy in many European countries. Dams are used to make tanks that collect water, then the water is discharged into steep service pipes, within which the strength and force of the water spins the turbines creating energy. This type of energy is renewable energy but it should not be overused, because hydroelectric power stations also have a negative impact on the ecosystems because they change the normal flow of rivers affecting the biodiversity within them. However, hydro energy is a renewable source of energy.

Geothermal energy technologies use the heat of the earth for the geothermal pumps and for electricity production.

Today modern wind turbines (windmills) are produced that are very efficient use the wind to produce electricity. This method of using wind power provides electricity for thousands of homes in Europe.


This is energy derived from organic substances. Different sources of biomass include wood residue, livestock residue, residue from food and industrial crops.

For a better tomorrow, save electricity today!