Without energy life cannot exist. Energy enables us to perform all necessary activates, it provides us with heating, it is life. Energy is the moving force in the world, and thus our lives. We use energy to work, to prepare food, it lights our homes, it moves our vehicles and others. We need energy for heating, cooling, hot water etc.. Everything that we do in one form or another is linked to energy.

Energy and energy efficiency

Energy doesn’t disappear; it just converts from one form to another. Today energy is more reliable than in the past, but not more abundant. Majority of energy on Earth is accumulated from very significant natural ingredients which come from within the Earth and the ocean, such as fossil fuels, carbon, natural gas and oil. Earth’s resources decrease day by day. The velocity at which mankind is using these resources of energy that cannot be recuperated creates extensive damage on the living environment. When these unrecoverable fuels are burnt a significant amount of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, adding to its increased concentration. All of these results in climate changes and the repercussions that come with it represent a serious danger for the survival of mankind.

What does the term energy efficiency mean?

In order to avoid the negative consequences of wasting energy, there are actions that can be taken. The most convenient solution is to concentrate on using less of the contaminative fuels (carbon, natural gas and oil), in other words, concentrating on more efficient use of the previously mentioned fuels. In the future, it will be necessary to start using new resources of energy, such as solar, wind, water, steam, and organic materials and so on… More precisely said, we will need to use less non renewable energy sources and more of the renewable ones.

The term energetic efficiency is most likely to be met in two forms of meaning, one referring on devices that are energy efficient and the other on measures. An energetic efficient device refers to a device that converts the energy from one form to another with a smaller loss. For example, a regular light bulb is not an energy efficient device, because it transforms most of the energy into thermal energy, and just a small part into useful light energy. For these purposes devices like energy efficient bulbs are used.  Considering measures, these are all measures that are taken with a purpose to decrease the amount of energy used. Regardless of what kind these measures are (they could be technical, technological or others) their purpose should be to supply an equal or greater degree of energy but with a smaller loss.

Nature is always right, people are the ones who make mistakes!!!