Climate refers to the specific atmospheric conditions for a specific region on our planet Earth. The term refers to the climate conditions over long periods of time such as seasons, years or decades.

Climate Change

During the past million years the average annual temperature on Earth has varied up or down by a few degrees Celsius. The world temperature, during the past 100 years has increased by 0,74° C, and scientists have found evidence that the world will get even warmer this century due to the continual increase of the concentration of greenhouse gases. It is projected that the average global temperatures will rise by 4 ° C by the end of the 21st century if steps for reducing the emission of greenhouse gases are not undertaken.

Today the word climate change refers to anthropogenic / human caused changes in climate due to the increasing concentration of gases with a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, which consequently results in global warming.

In then nature there are no rewards or penalties, there are only consequences!